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Homemade Calzone Recipe
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This recipe is so easy and quick. If you are like me and you don't eat a lot of dairy but want to enjoy it sometimes, then this would be great for you. The recipe is as follows: Joseph's Flat Bread Fresh Mozzarella Fresh Tomatoes Cooked
Red Onions Seasoned Tomato sauce Cook the way that you like it. Be creative with the amount of ingredients. You can roll up the Flat Bread or leave it Flat. Brush the outside with Butter and Fresh or Powdered Garlic. Bake on 375 for 25 minutes

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Homemade Calzones

I attempted to make this cheesy burrito type thing. I’ve rushed this video but I had to put it out let y’all know that we are professionals and I still had to show y’all what I did. The recipe for that is Joseph’s flat bread Fresh Tomatoes Tomato Sauce Fresh mozzarella cheese Italian season Red onions For Holistic information and exclusive videos join our Patreon Email us at If you find this content valuable please donate. Cash App Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & SHARE!

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