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Jerk And Curry Wings Recipe
Well we all have had jerk chicken and curry chicken, but have you had those two seasonings together? Well I have discovered a new flavor of wings that will give you savory and spicy all at one time. We call them Jerkcurry Wings Get you some Perdue wings. Soak your wings in Kosher Salt for about 2 hours. Once the soaking process has been done. Rinse the wings off really well. Get some French's mustard and put a liberal amount on the wings. Take your clean hands and rub the mustard on them. This process is the marinade and it helps your seasonings to adhere (stick) to the meat. Next you
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are to put some Crystal Hot sauce on the wings. Rub the hot sauce on the wings very well. Next get some McCormick's spices, such as curry jerk seasonings and barbeque. Shake as much as you would like on there. Place some sea salt on the chicken, preferably sea salt grinders. Turn Just three times. The last thing you do is place some Paprika on the top. Cover the chicken up and let marinate over night. Cook wings for 2 hrs on 375 for 2 hours while covered. Let cook for 35 mins on 425 uncovered to get the meat nice and caramelized. Let sit for an hour and serve. Check out Video Below

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