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How To Make A Delicious Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich (blt)
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A Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich is a classic dish. It’s easy to make and it’s tasty. This quick recipe will give you a classic taste with a touch of pazazz. Follow this recipe as close as possible. Natures own wheat bread Dukes Mayonaise Fresh iceberg lettuce Turkey Bacon with no Nitrites Beef Steak Tomatoes Peppercorn Black pepper Place bacon In pan with olive oil and sauté you bacon until crispy. Toast your bread. Spread some
Dukes Mayonaise on both sides of the bread. This is how you build the Sandwich Place some lettuce down first than tomato and lastly place another piece of lettuce on top to avoid the bread for becoming soggy. Shake some black pepper on your tomato. Put one dollop of Mayonaise on top. Put some black pepper and peppercorn on top. Follow these steps and you will have some good eats. Enjoy!!

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How To Make A Delicious Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich (BLT)

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