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Macaroni And Cheese With Spinach Recipe
You can make macaroni and cheese a side dish or a main dish. Boil your water and place some salt in the water. Bring water To a boil. Get a pack of whole wheat noodles and let boil until partially soft. This is called el dente. For a dryer Mac and cheese Place cooked noodles in pan on top of the stove and place salt pepper and spinach in pan. Cover bottom of pan with olive oil. Place a little bit of butter in the noodles and spinach. Put a handful of cheddar and stir the contents in the pan all together. Once done place mozzarella cheese on to. DO NOT STIR. Let melt on top. Shake cinnamon on top with paprika. For
a creamy Mac and cheese Follow the same noodle recipe Place milk or Almond Milk in pan. Use cheddar cheese the shredded kind. Melt down with butter and the milk mixed. Put a pinch of salt and shake pepper. Use about a half of Cracker Barrel cheese in the sauce. Place noodles in a casserole pan Melt partially and pour over noodles. Once you have placed the sauce over noodles put more cheese on top. Do not stir in cheese. Shake paprika on top Let the macoroni bake for 30 minutes on 375. Make sure that you cover the Mac and cheese. After done take cover off and let the Mac and cheese cook with the left over heat from the oven for 20 minutes to brown.

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