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Easy Turkey Wing Recipe
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By Jenna Lemon Strawberry Get The Flat Part of the Turkey Only. The Flat Part has the most Fat consistency. This part absorbs the seasonings the best. Soak Your Meat Yes Soaking the meat makes it cleaner and more Tender. Use Morton's Kosher Salt to Brine the Meat. This process should take at least 12 to 24 hours. Ingredients: Measurements are up to you. A true Cook knows to eyeball the ingredients on the Food. Mustard:To add flavor and to marinate. Hot Sauce: To add flavor and
to marinate. Curry: For color Italian Seasoning: To give that thanksgiving flavor all year round. McCormick seasonings Kickin Chicken Chicken seasoning Jerk Seasoning Pink Himilayan Salt Sage Use some Olive Oil to Help the Turkey Wings Brown and Crisp up in the Oven. Rub the Bird Vigorously and for Days. This will really help the Turkey be really tender. Let Marinate in the Refrigerator for about another hour. Put in your pre heated Oven that is set on 375 degrees for about 3 and a half hours. Adjust according to your Oven. Watch Video Below

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How To Make Turkey Wings: Easy and Flavorable

Easy Recipe for Beginners and Boss Chefs.

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