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Pomegranates Are A Super Food: Here Is Why
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Pomegranate is truly a super Fruit. I personally did my own research because I did not want to necessarily take medication to maintain good health with high blood pressure. So I came across this information that pomegranate have several things in it that helps against your arteries to harden and thicken with cholesterol. While drinking juice is great for your health generally you have to drink large quantities to gain significant benefits. Not so with the juice of a pomegranate. Pomegranate juice, even in small quantities, has shown that its powerful. It has the ability to
lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, decrease plaque in your arteries, and reduce your risk of heart disease. If your are able, the best possible way to drink it is fresh at home. It is much easier than you think. You start by using a sharp knife and pierce the skin, being careful not to cut through to the seeds. Run your knife around the middle like you are circling the globe, and then pull the pomegranate apart so you have 2 half’s. Insert in your juice press and there you have it. Watch Video Below

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