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Low Carb Chicken Tacos And Salmon Salad
This recipe is quick ad fun to Make. First Marinate your chicken breast for a day. Cut up the chicken breast in cubes. Season your chicken to your liking. I personally season my Chicken breast with Montreal Chicken seasoning. I also put some pink Salt in there. I shake a little bit of Crystal Hot sauce on the chicken. All of this is done while the chicken is searing and cooking on the stove. Make sure that your chicken is dried out so that your chicken is not soggy. This will make
for a nice dry Taco. I use Mission Tacos. Low sodium and carb Tacos. It is the Organic and Gluten Free Brand. Make your Salmon the same way. Start with Cooking your salmon on the Meat Side. Always get the salmon with the skin on it. I use sock eye salmon that is wild caught. Use the Montreal Seasonings. Season Each side separate. So while one side is cooking, season the other side. Place Hot Salmon on a bed of romaine lettuce and fresh spinach. Top tomatoes and onion (Red) Enjoy!! Watch Video Below

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Chicken Tacos and Salmon Salad

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